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Educating psychoanalysts to help people become the best versions of themselves.

PANY is celebrating its 70th anniversary!

What We Do.

For those who seek an understanding of emotional life, PANY is an education and treatment center, affiliated with NYU Langone Health, that provides training and therapy based on psychoanalytic understanding of the core human dilemmas from childhood through adulthood.

Our training programs offer educational opportunities for clinicians at varying levels of background and experience. Click here for a timeline of all education programs. 

The New PANY.

IPE, the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, is now called PANY, the Psychoanalytic Association of New York, affiliated with NYU Langone Health.


‚ÄčThe Importance of Film for Psychoanalysis

By Herb Stein MD

The Challenge of Case Frequency in Psychoanalytic Training: How One Institute Has Come to Think About It

By David Frank, M.D., Director, PANY and Michael Singer, D.O., Past Director, PANY

2013 Interview of Professor Mark Solms, Neuropsychologist, Psychoanalyst, and Research Chair of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA)

By Professor Mark Solms

Martin Blum's Class on Psychoanalytic Theory: Beyond Wish and Defense

By Jonathan Easton, MD

2019-20 Schedule of Events coming soon...

Our Recent 

PANY offers educational events for its members and for the general public. These include lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and clinical presentations.

May 6

Bullying: Emotional Development, Symptom Formation, and the Impact on the Treatment Process

What is the relationship of bullying to the emotional development and conflicts of the bully and the bullied, as they surface within childhood and in adult life? Dr. Goodstein, PANY faculty, will discuss the particular importance of the role that bullying, past and on-going, plays in the treatment situation.
Charles Goodstein, MD

May 6

54th Freud Lecture: How Central Organizing Fantasies are Reflected in the Signature Style and Masterworks of Famous Artists

The central organizing fantasy of most artists becomes the core of their signature style. For an artist to produce a masterwork such a work must be consonant with the fantasy, whether conscious or unconscious. What usually begins as an unconscious fantasy on the part of the sculptor or painter may become conscious as they develop the theme or formal innovation.
Presented by Laurie Wilson, PhD
Intriduced by Ted Jacobs, MD


Psychoanalysis changes lives.


At a time when training in most mental health fields is focused on time limited biological and behavioral interventions, we believe in the importance of training clinicians to do in-depth work with patients, providing effective and durable results.   


We believe in making affordable treatment available to the New York City community through our consultation and treatment service.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in psychoanalytic treatment and education.

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