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Attend our Psychoanalytic Open House

March 4, 2023

Join us for an in-person case presentation and discussion. The Outreach Committee and PANY Faculty will present an overview of the psychoanalytic training program and be available for questions.

PANY Updates.

Inaugural Marianne Goldberger, MD Memorial Lecture

"Fifty Shades of Upgrade: The Existential Escapades of Sex-Tech"
Marianne Goldberger, MD was a prominent New York psychoanalyst who had a wide- ranging career that spanned 60 years. Dr. Goldberger was a training and supervising adult and child analyst for decades, contributed numerous academic publications in her field, and was a cherished teacher, mentor and a superb clinician. Dr. Goldberger was devoted to her patients, her supervisees and to her work. She was a very beloved wife, mother, aunt and grandmother.
In honor of her memory, a group of PANY Faculty formed the Marianne Goldberger Memorial Lecture Fund (MGMLF), whose purpose is to enable a significant psychoanalytic thinker to share their original work with us in an annual lecture. 
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Sex and technology have always partnered for pleasure, novelty, transcendence, and perversion. The tech enterprise is rooted in original anxiety about limitation and how it might be transcended. Tools and machines help us with our battle against threat while making possible new modes of pleasure. The internet and associated technologies (AI) have enabled the creation of an alternative adult world of sex dolls and sex robots, cybersex, teledildonics, sexting, catfishing, internet porn, and more in the widespread deployment of omnipotent fantasy. This paper explores the intimate connection between sex and technology, discusses the massive sea change in the new sexual landscape, and offers several clinical vignettes, including one of a man who loved a synthetic doll, to illustrate this connection.


During these difficult times, faculty and students at PANY have worked hard to keep going. PANY has continued its educational and admissions activities during the Coronavirus pandemic - including classes and case supervision for our students as well as video interviews for applicants to our training programs - via Zoom and other video and audio platforms. PANY continue its classes for the current academic year ending June 2023. We have not yet decided if classes then will be in-person only or hybrid (video and in-person).

As psychoanalysts, we believe in the importance of our work, in some ways especially so during these stressful times; and as hardy New Yorkers, we are committed to maintaining our presence as educators, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapists for the New York City community.

What We Do.

For those who seek an understanding of emotional life, PANY is an education and treatment center, affiliated with NYU Grossman School of Medicine, that provides training and therapy based on psychoanalytic understanding of the core human dilemmas from childhood through adulthood.

Our training programs offer educational opportunities for clinicians at varying levels of background and experience. Click here for a timeline of all education programs. 

The New PANY.

IPE, the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, is now called PANY, the Psychoanalytic Association of New York, affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.

2022-23 PANY Events

PANY offers educational events for its members and for the general public. These include lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and clinical presentations.

March 4

Psychoanalytic Training Program Open House:


Too Close to Home: When the Analyst's Technique Echoes the Patient's Early Relational Trauma


Join us for the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program Open House featuring PANY Faculty and Psychoanalytic candidates. Participants will have the opportunity to join a Q&A with faculty from the PANY Psychoanalytic Training Program.


Presenter: Sameer Khan, MD

Discussants: Marina Mirkin, MD

Feb 11

Midlife Matters

This presentation integrates relevant theoretical ideas with cultural and clinical examples of midlife issues. Success or failure at coping with the tasks of this period can mean the difference between negotiating a transition and suffering a crisis.

Presenter: Jason Wheeler, PhD

Feb 25

Topic: Medication


Presenter: Luis Garza, MD

Mar 18

Psychic Bisexuality 
This talk will attempt to throw some light on the contemporary use of the concept of bisexuality in one analyst’s clinical work.

Presenter: Rajiv Gulati, MD

Apr 1

Couples Therapy Skills for the Dynamically Trained Clinician
 In this presentation, we will review concepts from both psychoanalytic and systemic perspectives to better understand that shift, and to help clinicians gain confidence in their work with couples.

Presenter: Susan Resek, LCSW-R

Apr 15

Dreams in Theory and Practice

Dr. Van der Heide will review the core discoveries of mind, starting with Freud, which explain the why and wherefore of dreaming with the goal of underscoring how to work with them in the office to enrich and deepen the therapeutic exchange.  

Presenter: Douglas Van der Heide, MD

Apr 29

Topic: Children

Presenter: Monica Michell, MD


​The Importance of Film for Psychoanalysis

By Herb Stein MD


Psychoanalysis changes lives.


At a time when training in most mental health fields is focused on time limited biological and behavioral interventions, we believe in the importance of training clinicians to do in-depth work with patients, providing effective and durable results.   


We believe in making affordable treatment available to the New York City community through our consultation and treatment service.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in psychoanalytic treatment and education.

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