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PANY Updates.

A Message from PANY

As we struggle with profound sadness and outrage following the tragedies that have befallen the black community, we stand in solidarity with the victims and with those who are expressing protest. We also wish for the safety of all as they do so. During this precarious time in our country, we strive to find ways to heal and come together. Most of all, we hope that we will find better ways to take care of each other.

Although psychoanalysis is typically seen as a treatment focused on the individual - the inner psychic workings of the person - it is also inherently a discipline focused on life. Ultimately, psychoanalysis is a therapy about the potential of living and about change. Our task is to help our patients encounter and activate the best within themselves, so that they may move towards creating a better future. As psychoanalysts we must stand with life.

Visit our INSIGHTS Section to listen to the podcast "Off the Couch," hosted by PANY Faculty

The IPA podcast "Off the Couch" takes a look at Institute life and analytic work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by PANY Faculty Member Harvey Schwartz, MD with guest, PANY Director David Frank, MD.


During these difficult times, faculty and students at PANY have worked hard to keep going. PANY has continued its educational and admissions activities during the Coronavirus pandemic - including classes and case supervision for our students as well as video interviews for applicants to our training programs - via Zoom and other video and audio platforms. PANY will continue its classes when the new academic year starts in September, 2020. We have not yet decided if classes then will be via video or in-person.

As psychoanalysts, we believe in the importance of our work, in some ways especially so during these stressful times; and as hardy New Yorkers, we are committed to maintaining our presence as educators, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapists for the New York City community.

Please scroll down for more information about the admissions process for our psychoanalytic and psychotherapy training programs as well as for information about our consultation and treatment service for new patients.

What We Do.

For those who seek an understanding of emotional life, PANY is an education and treatment center, affiliated with NYU School of Medicine, that provides training and therapy based on psychoanalytic understanding of the core human dilemmas from childhood through adulthood.

Our training programs offer educational opportunities for clinicians at varying levels of background and experience. Click here for a timeline of all education programs. 

The New PANY.

IPE, the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, is now called PANY, the Psychoanalytic Association of New York, affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.

Our Upcoming 

PANY offers educational events for its members and for the general public. These include lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and clinical presentations.

Oct 17-Nov 21

(6 consecutive Saturdays)

A six‐part series: Introduction to Theory and Technique in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

Dr. Erreich and Dr. Singh explore the basic tenets of theory and practice in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, including a consideration of the differences between the two.

Anne Erreich, PhD & Malini Singh, PhD

Nov 21

Candidate Organized Event: “It’s not all Superego: The Importance of the Ego Ideal in Psychoanalytic Education.”


The Eitingon model of psychoanalytic education was created to implement rules and regulations for educating psychoanalysts. Inadvertently, this created a superego approach that has stifled and complicated training for a century. An ego ideal approach will be offered as a contrast and corrective.


Presenter: Alan Sugarman, PhD


Dec 5

No Choice but to Act: Psychoanalytic Thoughts on Bravery and Dissent


Clinical material of a young male patient, a war hero struggling to separate from his refugee parents, illustrates the role of the ego ideal, insofar as it is consonant with innate morality, as the primary factor motivating acts of bravery.


Presenter: Coline Covington, BPC, PSA

Dec 12

Money in the Psychoanalytic Situation


Emphasizing transference and countertransference, the presentation will focus on the experience of money within the psychoanalytic collaboration.


Presenter: Arnold Rothstein, MD

Jan 9

A Seminar on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Technique Making Gabriel Byrne a Better Therapist


Ms. Abrams will show clips from "in Treatment", a thought provoking HBO televisions series about a psychologist, which highlight psychodynamic psychotherapy principles and use them as a springboard for discussion about technique.


Presenter: Ellen Abrams, LCSW

Jan 30

Insights from Couple Therapy:

What Working with Couples Has Taught Me About Couple Fights, Projective Identification, and Partner Selection



Presenter: Arthur C. Nielsen, MD


​The Importance of Film for Psychoanalysis

By Herb Stein MD

Episode 52: A Report from New York and on Institute Life During the Pandemic with David Frank, MD. Source:


Psychoanalysis changes lives.


At a time when training in most mental health fields is focused on time limited biological and behavioral interventions, we believe in the importance of training clinicians to do in-depth work with patients, providing effective and durable results.   


We believe in making affordable treatment available to the New York City community through our consultation and treatment service.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in psychoanalytic treatment and education.

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