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PANY Updates.

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Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapy Training applications reviewed upon submission, through June 1

PANY offers advanced training in both Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.

PANY Psychoanalytic training is an intensive program which integrates three essential components: seminars in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, which require four years to complete; supervised psychoanalytic treatment of patients; and a personal psychoanalysis. PANY offers training in Adult Psychoanalysis and Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis. PANY is a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the American Association for Psychoanalytic Education (AAPE). 


PANY offers advanced training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This two-year program enhances the knowledge and skills of clinicians through their own personal treatment, clinical and theoretical seminars, and weekly individualized case supervision. The program is staffed by PANY’s psychoanalytic faculty. Successful completion of the program leads to a certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training.

Continuing education credit (CME) is available for Physiscians. CE for social workers and psychologists is available as PANY is an approved provider through NYSED.


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During these difficult times, faculty and students at PANY worked hard to maintain training, education, and community. PANY continued its educational and admissions activities during the Coronavirus pandemic - including classes and case supervision for our students as well as video interviews for applicants to our training programs - via Zoom and other video and audio platforms.


For the upcoming academic year 2023-2024, PANY will offer some hybrid learning opportunities. These will be determined per program, and will evolve during the admissions season, as we determine our class, community, and faculty needs. The final learning format will be communicated to those enrolled as admissions is finalzed. 

As psychoanalysts, we believe in the importance of our work, in some ways especially so during these stressful times; and as hardy New Yorkers, we are committed to maintaining our presence as educators, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapists for the New York City community.

What We Do.

For those who seek an understanding of emotional life, PANY is an education and treatment center, affiliated with NYU Grossman School of Medicine, that provides training and therapy based on psychoanalytic understanding of the core human dilemmas from childhood through adulthood.

Our training programs offer educational opportunities for clinicians at varying levels of background and experience. Click here for a timeline of all education programs. 

The New PANY.

IPE, the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, is now called PANY, the Psychoanalytic Association of New York, affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.

2023-24 PANY Events

PANY offers educational events for its members and for the general public. These include lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and clinical presentations.

Sep 23

Twenty First C. Philip Wilson, MD, Memorial Lecture


Presenter: TBD


​The Importance of Film for Psychoanalysis

By Herb Stein MD


Psychoanalysis changes lives.


At a time when training in most mental health fields is focused on time limited biological and behavioral interventions, we believe in the importance of training clinicians to do in-depth work with patients, providing effective and durable results.   


We believe in making affordable treatment available to the New York City community through our consultation and treatment service.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in psychoanalytic treatment and education.

Psychoanalytic Association of New York
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