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A Note on In-Person and Virtual Learning...

For the upcoming 2022-2023 Academic Year, we anticipate allowing for in-person, virtual learning, and hybrid (when combined) for our advanced training programs, (Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapy). We are currently assessing whether the Prelude to Training Seminar Series will be in-person or virtual. We will begin the 2022-23 Graduate Society Scientific Meetings virtually, with the annual C. Philip Wilson Memorial Lecture. Subsequent scientific meetings may be held in-person or hybrid. The format for Fellowship has yet to be determined. Note: Those enrolled in the pilot virtual opportunities in the advanced training programs will continue virtual/hybrid learning.


We are guided by our parent institution (NYU Langone Health), which makes determinations regarding safety restrictions in times of public health emergencies, based upon state and federal guidance, and public health best practcies. When NYU Langone Health imposes masking and capacity restrictions, we hold all programming virtually.  If necessary due to worsening pandemic conditions, we may again start the impending new academic year as Virtual Learning only. As the 2022-23 academic year approaches, we will provide an update regarding learning conditions.



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