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Referrals for Supervision

PANY is pleased to offer licensed clinicians of all levels of experience the opportunity to receive supervision from the Institute’s faculty of experienced psychoanalysts.

  • Cost

    Bi-weekly group supervision (with up to 6 selected participants): $60/session (75 minutes) Individual supervision: $150 and higher (50 minutes)(all fees are subject to change).
  • Location

    Supervision takes place in the supervisor’s private office.
  • Timetable

    Applications received by September 15 will be reviewed for referral for fall group supervision (October start date). Applications for individual supervision will be processed for referral on a rolling basis.

  • How To Apply

    Applicants complete the Supervisory Referral Service Form indicating educational and training background and clinical experience, including providing a clinical reference. Qualified applicants are then interviewed by the Program Coordinator. Members are informed of the formation of groups as they occur (with a minimum of four to a group, and a maximum of six). If no appropriate level group is available to you, or if you prefer individual supervision, one or several referrals will be made for a supervisor who meets your preferences related to geographic location, time, specialty, experience, and/or other applicable preferences.

  • About the Supervisors

    Supervisors are PANY faculty, trained in psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, mental health counseling, and other disciplines. Supervisor Faculty will be matched to individual or groups depending upon level and specialty of group, and location. Download application here.

  • Important Disclaimer

    *This Psychoanalytic Association of New York Supervisory Referral program is a referral service for private supervision. PANY does not provide supervision; it offers a program connecting professionals seeking supervisory services by licensed members of PANY’s faculty. Supervision participants must be licensed to practice psychotherapy in NY State in order to be eligible for this program. Participants may not represent themselves as being affiliated with or trained by the Psychoanalytic Association of New York.

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