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Newman, Stephanie PhD
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Stephanie Newman, Ph.D., FABP, is a psychoanalyst and psychologist in private practice, a nonfiction author, a novelist, and a public speaker. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Columbia University and a post-doctoral certificate in psychoanalysis from PANY (formerly NYU Institute). A board certified analyst, she has practiced in New York City for more than 25 years, treating adults and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, and workplace concerns and consulting with families on issues relating to parenting and divorce. She is also a Visiting Scholar/Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University, where she teaches doctoral candidates. She has been recognized by her peers for her clinical portraits and case writing. As a nonfiction author, Dr. Newman writes frequent articles on subjects such as parenting, bullying, teens and technology, identity, social media, and pop culture. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, on the Wall Street Journal’s website, and on NBC.com, among other outlets. Her articles for the website of Psychology Today have been viewed and shared close to 1 million times, on subjects such as Why Teen Girls Dress Exactly Like Their Friends and Strategies to End Cyberbullying. She contributed to MONEY TALKS (Routledge), a collection of essays on the psychology of financial matters in private practice, as both a writer and co-editor, and wrote a chapter on the psychology of money for an upcoming guidebook, Thriving in Grad School (Rowman and Littlefield). She also recently published “Secrets on Both Sides of the Couch” (Journal of Clinical Psychology), a look at therapist lies, deceptions, and omissions in treatment. Her book MAD MEN ON THE COUCH (St. Martin’s Press) analyzed the subconscious motivations of Don Draper and other Mad Men characters, using them as examples to discuss current trends in personality and diagnosis. It was named one of the top ten performing arts books of the year by Publishers Weekly and became an Amazon bestseller in the psychology and entertainment categories. She was interviewed about the book by NPR and dozens of other media outlets, and her tweets about Mad Men drew more than 500,000 likes, comments, and retweets. Dr. Newman’s new novel, BARBARIANS AT THE PTA, uses fictional characters to explore the timely topic of bullying, among both teenagers and adults. The book quickly became an Amazon best-seller in the clinical psychology and parenting girls categories. Set in a snobby Westchester suburb, the novel features cliques, exclusion, cyber-bullying, teenage anxiety, eating disorders, and parenting as a contact sport. Dr. Newman describes the plot as “Desperate Housewives meets Mean Girls.” As a public speaker, she gives talks at venues such as schools, camps, and professional societies like the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA). Among her many appearances, she delivered the keynote address on cyber-bullying at the United Federation of Teachers Annual Meeting of School Psychologists and Counselors. Dr. Newman lives in New York with her family.

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