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Fellowship in Psychoanalysis

The PANY Fellowship offers an introduction to psychoanalytic thought, practice, and professional development. 

Virtual and In-Person Learning for 2022-23

The determination has been made to complete the 2022 academic year (through June 2022) as Virtual Learning.

Our ultimate goal is to return to in-person learning for the start of the Fall 2022-2023 Academic Year, for all programs, including the advanced training programs (Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapy). Prelude to Training, Graduate Society Events, and Fellowship. Note: Those enrolled in the pilot virtual opportunities in the advanced training programs will continue virtual learning in hybrid learning.


We are guided by our parent institution (NYU Langone Health), which makes determinations regarding safety restrictions in times of public health emergencies, based upon state and federal guidance, and public health best practcies. When NYU Langone Health imposes masking and capacity restrictions, we hold all programming virtually.  If necessary, we may again start the impending new academic year as Virtual Learning. As the 2022-23 academic year approaches, we will provide an update regarding virtual and in-person learning.

  • Overview and Eligibility

    The Institute offers a one-year Fellowship to introduce clinically-immersed professionals to psychoanalytic work and to PANY, and to supplement their education with a clinically relevant psychoanalytic viewpoint. Classes are held monthly on Tuesday evenings throughout the academic year. Each fellow is also assigned a mentor who is a member of the PANY faculty and who meets with the fellow on an individualized basis to personally tailor the fellowship experience to the fellow’s needs and interests. Fellows may go on to apply to the psychodynamic psychotherapy program or to the psychoanalytic program.

  • Monthly Evening Seminars

    Fellows attend monthly Tuesday evening seminars taught by PANY faculty scheduled throughout the academic year.

  • Monthly Meeting with Mentor

    The centerpiece of the program is a mentoring relationship with a practicing psychoanalyst from the PANY faculty. These meetings afford an opportunity for Fellows to become more acquainted with psychoanalytic theory, practice, and areas of special interest. Meetings take place monthly in the analyst’s private office at a time arranged by the analyst and Fellow. Most mentors are located in Manhattan, but mentor assignments on occasion may be arranged in Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, and northern New Jersey. At least eight monthly mentorship meetings are required to be awarded the Certificate of Completion of the PANY Fellowship.

  • Additional Educational Benefits

    Fellows are encouraged to attend PANY events throughout the year, as well as the scientific meetings organized by the PANY Graduate Society Committee. CME credit for PANY scientific meetings is available. Alumni of the Fellowship program are invited to maintain an ongoing relationship with PANY through additional educational events.

  • Awarding the Fellowship in Psychoanalysis

    Applications are reviewed and acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis. The awarding of the Fellowship is a highly competitive process. A member of the Fellowship Committee will speak with each applicant to explore his or her interests and the ability to benefit from the Fellowship Program.

    Please note the Fellowship does not include a supervised clinical component or directly help prepare for licensure, and there is no salary or stipend for Fellows.

    Applicants who are selected will be awarded the Fellowship in Psychoanalysis and will receive documentation of the award upon successful completion of the program (see above for a description of requirements).


    For additional information, contact the office at 646-754-4870 or the program chair, Rania Kanazi, LCSW-R, at 917-496-6806 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • How To Apply

    We welcome your application!

    Applications and accompanying materials are due June 1.


    If you do not receive a phone call or email that we have received your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the PANY office at 646-754-4870.

    Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your application. 

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