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Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis

PANY offers training in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis. Graduates of this program are eligible for certification as child and adolescent analysts by the American Board of Psychoanalysis. Teaching and supervision are offered by our highly qualified faculty of child and adolescent analysts. 

  • Philosophy

    The program offers an in-depth, developmental understanding of both normative and pathological functioning in children up to emerging adults. The curriculum is comprised of didactic instruction in the theory and technique of child and adolescent psychoanalysis, continuous case seminars, and supervised psychoanalytic work.

  • Eligibility

    Admission is open to graduates and candidates of institutes affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), American Association of Psychoanalytic Education (AAPE), or the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), who have psychotherapy experience with children and/or adolescents. Candidates in PANY’s adult psychoanalytic training program who are interested in child analysis may apply to concurrently begin the child training program. Although candidates are best prepared to enter the child program after completing two years of the adult program, applicants may be considered for admission earlier in their adult training, depending on their previous professional experience working with children and adolescents. Candidates and graduates from other institutes who wish to enter the Child and Adolescent Training program may discuss their training curriculum with the Division Chairs prior to applying to the program in order to ensure that they have been sufficiently exposed to core courses in developmental concepts in their adult program. Accepted candidates are expected to have supervised clinical experience with at least two child or adolescent psychotherapy cases before beginning the program.

  • Components of Training


    Course work consists of two years of classes meeting once a week for three trimesters each year. The training program is integrated with PANY's Adult Psychoanalytic Program so that many prerequisites for child training are covered in the candidate's four years of adult classes.  Course in the child program are jointly held with candidates and faculty from NYPSI and the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center.


    Supervised Clinical Work

    Candidates treat a minimum of three cases of different genders in supervised analyses at a frequency of three to five times per week: pre-latency, latency and adolescence- one of which must be an adolescent. Supervision of child and adolescent psychotherapy cases is highly recommended as candidates develop their capacities to begin psychoanalytic treatments; most training cases will begin as psychotherapy and develop into psychoanalytic cases. PANY candidates in the adult training program who enter the child program may, with the approval of the Student Progression Committee (SPC) and the Child Committee, begin a supervised child or adolescent analytic case during their adult classes.


    Personal Training Analysis

    Personal training analysis is required of candidates in the Child & Adolescent Training Program. Candidates often find that work with children, adolescents and their families is a highly challenging and complex endeavor that provokes many reactions. It is essential for an analyst-in-training to be highly aware of the many influences potentially impacting her or his work.


    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation requirements from the Child and Adolescent Program are similar to those in the program in adult psychoanalysis: analytic maturity and the capacity for independent analytic work. A candidate must  successfully complete the didactic curriculum and demonstrate analytic competence in supervised and unsupervised clinical work with at least three cases of different genders and ages (as evidenced by supervisors' written evaluations and the candidate's own written summaries of her or his cases). A terminated case is not required. At least one of the candidate's current cases should appear to be moving successfully towards termination.





  • Fees and Tuition

    Annual Tuition: $715 (subject to change)


    Fees for Child Psychoanalytic Supervision

    Fees for supervision are arranged with and paid directly to the supervising analyst. Supervising analysts consider reductions in their standard fees for candidate training cases.


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