Meet our officers and past Directors below.

Officers & Past Directors

Executive Officers and Leadership

Director: David Frank, M.D.

Chair, Education Committee:
M. Carmela Perez, Ph.D.

Chair, Student Progression Committee and Associate Director:

Elizabeth Horwitz, M.D.


Deputy Director:

Herbert Stein, M.D.

Associate Director:

Sharon Lavon, L.C.S.W

Past Directors

Herbert Stein, M.D. (2014-2017)
Arnold Rothstein, M.D. (2011-2014)
Charles Tolk, M.D. (2008-2011)
Samuel Herschkowitz, M.D. (2005-2008)
Robert E. Fischel, M.D. (2001-2005)
Michael H. Singer, D.O. (1998-2001)
Howard Welsh, M.D. (1995-98)
Lawrence Chalfin, M.D. (1992-95)
Shelley Orgel, M.D. (1988-92)
Austin Silber, M.D. (1984-88)
Samuel Abrams, M.D. (1981-84)
Roy Lilleskov, M.D. (1978-81)
Leonard Shengold, M.D. (1975-78)
Alan Eisnitz, M.D. (1972-75)
Maurice Friend, M.D. (1969-72)
William Console, M.D. (1966-69)
Sidney Tarachow, M.D. (1965)
Mark Kanzer, M.D. (1962-65)
Sylvan Keiser, M.D. (1959-62)
Sandor Lorand, M.D. (1949-59)


Board of Trustees

President: David Frank, M.D.
Vice President: M. Carmela Perez, Ph.D.
Secretary: Jennifer Nogi, M.D.
Treasurer: Benjamin Cheney, M.D.

Lisa Bialkin, L.C.S.W.
Rachel Blakeman J.D.L.C.S.W.-R
Jane Furse Friedman
Elizabeth Horwitz, M.D.
Stephen Malach, M.D.
Monica Michell, M.D.
Barry Rand, M.D.
Susan Resek, L.C.S.W.
Harvey Schwartz, M.D.
Herbert Stein, M.D.
Kerry Sulkowicz, M.D.


Executive Committee

Chair: David Frank, M.D.

Committee Members:
Joan Bryan, L.C.S.W.
Elizabeth Horwitz, M.D.
Benjamin Cheney, M.D.
Sharon Lavon-Krein L.C.S.W.
Stephanie Newman, Ph.D.
Marvin Nierenberg, M.D.
Jennifer Nogi, M.D.
Neela Pania, M.D.
Carmela Perez, Ph.D.
Barry Rand, M.D.
Michael Singer, D.O.
Herbert Stein, M.D.
Jennifer I. Stephenson, L.M.S.W. (ex-officio)

Psychoanalytic Association of New York
NYU Department of Psychiatry
One Park Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Telephone: 646-754-4870
Fax: 646-754-9540
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