Meet our Child and Adolescent Faculty and Candidates below.

Child and Adolescent Faculty

Harvey Bezahler, M.D.
Miguel Brzostovski, M.D.
Kimberly Chu, L.C.S.W.
Barbara Deutsch, M.D.
Charles Goodstein, M.D.
Calvin Haber, M.D.
Ted Jacobs, M.D.>
Allan Jong, M.D.
Claudia Lament, Ph.D.
Muriel Laskin, M.D.
Laurie Levinson, M.D.
Jack Pelaccio, M.D.>
Asher Rosenberg, M.D.
Howard Rudominer, M.D.
Anita Schmukler, M.D.>
Robert Schwartz, M.D.
Warren Seides, M.D.
Noah Shaw, M.D.>
Alan Zients, M.D.

>APsaA Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Supervisor

Child and Adolescent Candidates

Carlos Almeida, M.D.

Solomon Bankier, M.D.

Hamin Lee, M.D.

Marina Mirkin, M.D.

Guillermo Valdes, M.D.

Elizabeth Wolff, M.D.

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