Meet our candidates and trainees below.

Candidates and Trainees

Adult Psychoanalysis-Clinical Candidates

Jillian Copeland, MD
Brittan Dunn, LCSW
Siavash Ghazi, MD
Louisa Hong, MD
Mudassar Iqbal, MD
Sameer Khan, MD
SeungLyoung Kim, MD
Jennifer Krawet, PsyD
Samantha Leathers, MD
Hamin Lee, MD
Sarah Masoodsinaki, MD
Roomana Qayyum, MD
Terrance Rooney, LCSW
Samantha Sculnick, LCSW
Adam Siroky, LMSW
Guillermo Valdes, MD
Angela Vuotto, DO
Patricia Winter, LCSW
Justyna Zapolska, PhD


Adult Psychoanalysis Nonclinical Candidates

James Creed, DPT


Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis

Salomon Bankier, PhD
Guillermo Valdes, MD
Elizabeth R Wolff, MD

Adult Psychotherapy Candidates

Razieh Adabumohhazab, MD
Sabrina Ali, MD
Meghaa Bhargava, MD
Anthony Connors, LMHC
Erica Everest, MD
Laura Fine, MSN
Alhassan Ghazzawi, MD
Jihoon Ha, MD
Ali Haidar, MD
Jenna Hartman, DO
Gail Hashmonay, MD
Bronwyn Huggins, MD
Jennifer Jacobs, MD
Muniza Majoka, MBBS
Tia Mansouri, MD
Jordan Metsky, DO
Leah Moroge, LCSW
Eugene Mortison, MD
Roshni Panchal, MD
Jacqueline Penn, DO
Justin Piershalski, MD
Chanelle Ramsubick, MD
Amy Rosenthal, LCSW
Param Sahgal, MD
Piali Samanta, MD
Atef Shaikh, DO
Kartik Sreepada, MD
Leah Steinberg, MD
Kristin Thompson, DO
Jeffrey Wright, LMHC

Fellowship in Psychoanalysis

Marianna Ashurova, MD
Daniella Bannikov, DO
Xinlin Chen, MD
Janice Chou, MD
Jessica Cosgrove, DO
Brian Donatelli, MD
Allison Grossman, MD
Eric Jarmon, DO
Omar Khan, MD
Maya Koenig-Dzialowski, MD
Erin Li, MD
Samuel Lim, MD
Elizabeth May, MD
Mathew McClure, MD
Rita Ouseph, MD
Christopher Plescia, MD
Amber Posner, MD
Nafisa Reza, MD

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