Meet our candidates and trainees below.

Candidates and Trainees

Adult Psychoanalysis-Clinical Candidates

Mohadese Adabimohazab, MD
Pola Eisenstein-Rosan, PhD
Laura Fine, NP
Stefany Fortin, LCSW
David Gaita, MD
Hannah Geller, LCSW, JD
Siavash Ghazi MD
Kim Glickman, LCSW, PHD, MPP
Seyedabolghasem Hessam, MD
Corina Hoffman, LCSW
Omar Khan, MD
SeungLyoung Kim, MD
Jennifer Krawet, PsyD
Hamin Lee, MD
Milos Markovic, MD
Mary Mitchell Haddad, NP
Julia Morrison, MD
Justin Piershalski, MD
Roomana Qayyum, MD
Terrance Rooney, LCSW
Samantha Sculnick, LCSW


Adult Psychoanalysis Nonclinical Candidates


Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis

Hannah Geller, LCSW, JD

Guillermo Valdes, MD
Elizabeth R Wolff, MD

Adult Psychotherapy Candidates

Clara Ceccanti, LCSW

Michael Chung, MD

Koryalys Edwards, MD

Sarah Faitell, DO, MPH

Patrice Fouron, DO

Kevin Goldwater, MD

Mary Hatch, LMHC

Jack Jones, MD

Iram Khan, MD

Chin Kuo, MD

Erika Lois Lobrio, MD

Andrew Manoski, DO

Sadjad Riyahi, MD

Raza Tariq, MD

Sara Veselinovic, MD

Yaacov Weinstein, DO

Bryan Yoon, MP, PhD

Andres Aguilar Henriquez, MD

Inaya Ahmed, MD

Rianna Black, LCSW

Yana Elbert, LMHC

Holly Fu, LCSW

Elizabeth Guevara, MD

Sharon Madanes, MD

Michelle Nordlinger, LCSW-R

Suzanne Redlich, LCSW

Emmanuel Sanchez, MD

Jan Schuetz-Mueller, MD

Kelly Taylor, MD

Christopher Thipphavong, MD

Fellowship in Psychoanalysis

Youssef Abdel-Gawad, MD
Paul Abrudescu, MD
Simran Allani, MBBS
Eddie Emma DeGrand, MSW
Sakshi Dhir, MD
Leah Jikurashvili, MSW
Christine Lau, MD
Beverly Liang, MSW (student)
Ataollah Rajabnejad, MD

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