Meet our candidates and trainees below.

Candidates and Trainees

Adult Psychoanalysis-Clinical Candidates

Mohadese Adabimohazab, MD
Brittan Dunn, LCSW
Tanya Dutta, MD
Laura Fine, NP
Stefany Fortin, LMSW
Siavash Ghazi, MD
Louisa Hong, MD
Sameer Khan, MD
SeungLyoung Kim, MD
Jennifer Krawet, PsyD
Samantha Leathers, MD
Hamin Lee, MD
Sarah Masoodsinaki, MD
Mary Mitchell Haddad, NP
Julia Morrison, MD
Roomana Qayyum, MD
Terrance Rooney, LCSW
Samantha Sculnick, LCSW
Adam Siroky, LMSW
Guillermo Valdes, MD
Angela Vuotto, DO
Patricia Winter, LCSW
Justyna Zapolska, PhD


Adult Psychoanalysis Nonclinical Candidates

James Creed, DPT


Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis

Guillermo Valdes, MD
Elizabeth R Wolff, MD

Adult Psychotherapy Candidates

Inaya Ahmed, MD
Bryan Aston, LCSW
Carla Baker, LCSW
Brenda Barrera, MD
Amit Batta, DO
Brian Buczynski, MA
Roberta Dracxler Meaker, MD
Benjamin Fey, MD
David Gaita, MD
Alhasan Ghazzawi, MA
Jenna Hartman, DO
Gali Hashmonay, MD
Bronwyn Huggins, MD
Jennifer Jacobs, LCSW
Usman Jangda, MBBS
Low Julie, MD
Michele Knobel, LCSW
Vandana Kumar, MD
Keeva Madden, MBBCh
Mark Makar, MBBCh
Jenna Margolis, DO
Jordan Metsky, DO
Leah Moroge, LCSW
Baris Olten, MD
Justin Piershalski, MD
Brett Sharetts, LCSW
Shaina Singh, MD
Archadhaa Sivakanthan, MD
Kartik Sreepada, MD
Andrea Sullivan, LCSW
Geoffrey Talis, MD
Kristin Thompson, DO
Rachel Varadarajulu, MD
Ambika Yadav, MBBS
Sean Yancey, MBBS

Fellowship in Psychoanalysis

Saghir Ahmed, MBBS
Meghan Graniello, LCSW
Samantha Hayes, MD
Daniel Hoffman, LMSW
Clancy Jones, MD
Katherine Kim, MD
Susan Lachs, MSN/RPN
Jenny Leach, PhD
Lancer Naghdechi, DO
Olalekan Olaolu, MD
Daniel Roberts, MD
Mu Xu, MD

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